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Food Hall & Fresh Food Pantry

Buy delicious locally-produced, seasonal food, including freshly-baked bread and pastries from the award-winning Pump Street Bakery.

At Snape Maltings we are passionate about supporting local producers, with an extensive selection of delicious foodie delights, many of which are made and grown just a few miles away from the Maltings. We also offer a hand-picked range from the best of Britain’s artisan food producers, as well as unique and seasonal choices from further afield. Whether you are looking for the best Suffolk sausages, the perfect Italian arborio rice or the unique delights of chocolate handmade in East Anglia, you will find all these and much more  in our Food Hall and Pantry. We also stock a fine selection of wines and spirits, many of which are produced locally.

Open 9.30am–5.30pm • Sunday 9.30am–4.30pm

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Producer of the Month

Tosier Chocolate

Tosier is a new bean-to-bar craft chocolate hand-made in Suffolk in small batches, using only three ingredients: 70% single origin cocoa beans, unrefined organic sugar and cocoa butter.

Made using the highest quality, sustainably-sourced cocoa beans, the availability of these beans is finite and each harvest unique. Sourced from amoungst the top 5% of the world’s cocoa, Tosier ensures the farmer gets a fair share.

The natural goodness of the cocoa is retained by creating individual roasting profiles for each bean and its harvest. Crafting chocolate in twelve kilo microbatches, only a limited number of bars from each harvest are made.